Who We Are

Welcome to the International Union of Arab Master Chef

Who Are We?

The International Union Master Chef Al Arab is an international association of Arab and foreign chefs established on February 16, 2018, bringing together diverse expertise and skills of a distinguished group of creative chefs. We work to enhance cultural and intellectual interaction in the field of culinary arts without any religious or political discrimination, striving diligently to achieve excellence and innovation in this field.

Our Mission Our mission is to elevate culinary skills and promote creativity in the world of cooking and cuisine. We believe that chefs play a crucial role in exchanging cultures and ideas through the language of cooking, serving as a bridge between nations.

Our Goals

  1. Provide training and workshops: We organize educational events and workshops aimed at developing cooking skills and inspiring chefs to excel and innovate.
  2. Enhance cultural communication: We seek to enhance mutual communication and understanding between different cultures through the exchange of cuisines and culinary arts.
  3. Support the community: We are committed to contributing to charitable and social work related to the culinary field to support communities and needy groups.

Our Direction

 We strongly believe that cooking is an art and a language that brings people together regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds. We strive earnestly to promote this communication and exchange between cultures and peoples through the world of cooking. Master Chef Al Arab is always seeking excellence and elevating the standards of chefs and cuisine in the Arab region and worldwide.

The Vision Under the leadership of Mr. Ahmed Essam El Madarany, the General Manager and President of the International Union, Master Chef Al Arab aims to elevate the art of cooking and unify chefs in the Arab world and beyond. Mr. Ahmed Essam El Madarany is a pioneer in this field, tirelessly working to raise the standard and diversity of cuisines, promoting nutritional health and healthy cooking.

Our Role

 Under the leadership of Mr. Ahmed Essam El Madarany, we aim to blend dishes in healthy and varied ways, focusing on ingredient quality and offering innovative and creative cooking experiences. We invite everyone to join the International Union Master Chef Al Arab to benefit from learning, exchanging, and communicating in the world of cooking.

Commitment We are committed to providing a supportive and encouraging environment for chefs and enthusiasts in the culinary world, striving diligently to provide educational and training resources for those wishing to develop their culinary skills and achieve excellence in this field.

Join Us Master Chef Al Arab opens its doors to everyone - professional chefs, enthusiasts, and those interested in the art of cooking. Join us now to be part of this diverse and inspiring international union.