How to Subscribe


Membership in the International Union of Arab Master Chefs requires compliance with the following conditions:

  1. Adherence to the internal regulations and decisions of the Board of Directors of the International Union of Arab Master Chefs.
  2. Payment of membership fees according to the chosen duration: $150 for a one-year period, $250 for a two-year period, and $750 for a five-year period, in addition to an annual additional fee of $100, excluding shipping costs or any governmental certifications.
  3. It is important to note that members cannot claim a refund of the fees paid. Uniforms and medals are provided as gifts to joining members, and they can be claimed after obtaining the membership card and certificate. No refunds are allowed under any circumstances. Commitment to professional ethics.
  4. Collaboration in achieving the goals of the International Union. Contributing with the Board of Directors in any tasks assigned to achieve the Union's objectives.
  5. Maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information and data obtained during Union membership. Commitment to actively participate in events and activities organized by the International Union of Arab Master Chefs.
  6. Refraining from engaging in any activity that could harm the Union's reputation or contradict its goals and ethics.
  7. Keeping the membership certificate and using it only for purposes permitted by the Union without violating local, national, or international laws and regulations.
  8. Providing accurate and truthful information upon joining the Union and during the membership duration.
  9. Abstaining from using the membership certificate or trademarks of the Union in advertisements, marketing, or commercial activities without prior written consent from the Union.
  10. Refraining from engaging in activities that conflict with local, national, or international laws or public ethics that could damage the Union or its reputation.
  11. Maintaining effective communication with the Union and engaging with the updates and information provided by the Union to its members.
  12. Compliance with security procedures and protocols specified by the Union regarding the protection of personal data and confidential information.
  13. Commitment to participating in volunteer activities or volunteer work organized by the Union to support its initiatives and various activities.
  14. Full respect for Union members and cooperation with them in a team spirit to enhance collective spirit and positive interaction.
  15. Adherence to schedules and timetables for events and meetings organized by the Administrative Body of the Union.
  16. Maintaining high ethics and professional behavior that represents the Union and reflects its values and goals.
  17. Maximizing the utilization of resources provided by the Union, such as training courses, educational opportunities, workshops, and educational materials.

Upon reading and agreeing to the terms and filling out the application, this will be considered an official signature from you, meaning you officially acknowledge and agree to comply with all the mentioned terms and conditions in the application for joining the International Union of Arab Master Chefs.

Please take sufficient time to read and understand all the terms and conditions mentioned in the application before signing or filling it out. It is advisable to consult a legal advisor if you are unsure about any points in the terms to ensure your full understanding and legal compliance.

To fill out the membership application, use this link:

Membership Application Link